This cool poster was created by the legendary Graham Humphreys, who made the iconic original posters for Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, A Nightmare on Elm Street and many others! Watch this space and you’ll find out how to grab a Plaguepits poster signed by Graham himself!
Decayed medieval zombies use bizarre torture devices to take bloody revenge

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Expected October 31, 2024

Peter Thorndike


Peter is an award-winning filmmaker. He is a graduate of the AUB, Bournemouth, where he took the same film course once attended by Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead). He is also a graduate of Southampton Solent University, where he studied film under the great Ken Russell (Lair of The White Worm, The Devils, Gothic). Peter is an artist and cartoonist and the zombie make-up and costumes plus the bizarre torture devices and weapons in Plaguepits began life as his intricate illustrations.

Nicholas Vince


Nicholas is a horror star whose huge fan following began with the signature role of “The Chatterer” in Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2, and has continued to grow with compelling performances in such classics as Clive Barker’s Nightbreed and How To Kill Monsters. He continues to go from strength to strength in the recent filmed version of his smash stage show, I Am Monsters, which he also produced, as well as two volumes of highly regarded macabre short stories. In Plaguepits he plays the leader of a doomed expedition.

Bill Hutchens


Bill’s status as a cult horror name was cemented by two unforgettable performances of menace, in Human Centipede 2 and Human Centipede 3. He has followed this up with charismatic portrayals in Curse of The Blind Dead (the latest instalment in the classic Blind Dead franchise), psychological horror, Your Flesh, Your Curse and Saint Dracula 3D, in which he gave a dynamic performance as Father Nicholson. In Plaguepits he plays the head of a sinister witches’ coven.

Gerry Lively


Gerry’s is a unique name and legacy in the history of horror movies. He has brought his inimitably atmospheric talents as cinematographer to such classics of the genre as Hellraiser 3, Hellraiser 4, Return of The Living Dead 3, Waxwork, Waxwork 2, Necronomicon, Children of The Corn 3, and many more. While as director, he has presided over movies in the world famous Dungeons And Dragons franchise.

Graham Humphreys


Graham is one of the most instantly-recognisable talents in horror history. It was he who created the original, iconic posters for Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 in the 1980s, and followed this up with posters for such classics as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Return of The Living Dead and Basket Case. We’re truly honoured that he has chosen to bring his bloody brushstrokes to the poster for Plaguepits: The Torture Dead, and in due course fans will be able to win their very own limited signed edition!
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